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eTakeoff Plan Viewer 3.03

A great plan viewing and printing software solution from eTakeoff Inc
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eTakeoff Plan Viewer is a complex, multifunctional drawing image viewer that allows you organize your drawings in projects, to take measurements (length, area, perimeter), to make annotations and even print your drawings with their measurements and annotations.

The basic free version is quite interesting and surprising with its functionality. It helps you to organize, view and print drawings, even to make annotations and measurements, but it can't save them. This feature is available in the Pro, Pro Plus, and Premier versions which offer different levels of functionality, like the ability to organize measurements and annotations and display them in various colors, organize them in layers or in a hierarchy, and calculate quantities based on multiple measurements.

A definitely plus is its user-friendly interface, perfect for anyone, beginner or experienced drawing designer. A relevant example is "Scrolling with the Mouse Buttons", allowing you just to press left and right mouse buttons, then drag the image left and right, up and down.

Last but not least is the printing capability that is available in all versions.

It is a truly awesome and reliable plan viewing and printing software solution with electronic planroom integration, advanced measuring, scaling, and drawing management.

Robert Polubinski
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  • User-friendly interface
  • High level of complexity


  • You can find similar software much cheaper
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